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May 1

  • Football/Volleyball Schedules

June 8​

August 13

  • AHSCA Membership - Coaches must have a DragonFly account before they can join AHSCA

  • AHSAA Membership

As we prepare for the upcoming school year, your action is needed on the following items in DragonFly. We will continue to send out new updates and deadlines as new information is added to DragonFly.  Please review the instruction links below before you attempt to complete the requirements

Activity ID Pass Application - This item will NOT be on DragonFly this year. Please fill the form and mail it with payment to the AAA.

September 8, 2020

How to enter your scores on SBLive. All Scores will be fed to DragonFly automatically. 

Click Here for SBLive Academy​

SBLive Live Scoring Webinar

August 13, 2020

Arkansas High School Coaches Association Registration (NO VOLUNTEER COACHES)

AHSCA Registration Instructions

AHSCA AAA Card Form (Must be Completed after Registration)

Coaches Education Checklist for AD's

School Bulk Pay Option for AHSCA Membership (AD MUST FILL THIS OUT)

  • Vault > Fill out a Form > Fill out another form > ArkAA Forms > AHSCA Membership Payment Form. You can then pay online, or print the invoice and mail in a check. All members MUST have completed ALL coaching requirements listed on your coaches eligibility page, and have joined the coaches association. You will need to make sure you know if each coach is an Active Coach or a Lifetime Coach. Please ask your coach or email julia@ahsaa.org if you are unsure if they are a Active or Lifetime Coach.

  • * Please Note. There will be a significant delay (6-8 weeks) in processing coaches memberships if you choose to pay using the bulk pay form. This includes a delay in receiving access to their AAA pass. This option will be valid through September 30, 2020. 

Arkansas High School Athletic Administrators Association Registration

AHSAAA Registration Instructions

AHSAAA AAA Card Form (Must be Completed after Registration) 

July 30, 2020

  • Online Rules Meetings:

    •  Vault > Fill Out a Form > Fill out Another Form > ​​ArkAA Forms >  select and view appropriate rules meeting (Some coaches do not have access to the vault, this is being worked on)

June 30, 2020

  • New Participation Consent Form The AAA has added a new form for student eligibility at member schools. The new "AAA Participant Agreement, Consent, Release, and Venue" form allows students to consent to participation in athletics at AAA member schools. This consent includes items such as access to academic data, authorization for care of injuries, rights for video/photography, etc. All students at AAA member schools will now have this form assigned automatically as part of their student registration and it can be completed electronically in the DragonFly software platform. 

  • Add Staff to your Public Directory 


May 21, 2020

  • Update your ‘Setup School’ page in DragonFly and make sure all information is complete and correct.

  • Update your ‘Public Directory’ page in DragonFly and make sure that all of your staff and team information is complete and correct. 

    • While updating Directory you will need to click "+ Add Position", Add "Superintendent" as a staff member. Please keep this information updated!

    • Online instructions - click here to view

  • Learn how to access the Vault on DragonFly to submit forms to the AAA.

  • Principal - Fill out and submit the Declarations Form within the Vault on DragonFly. 

  • Vault > Fill Out a Form > Fill out Another Form > ​​ArkAA Forms > Sport Declaration Form 

August 13 Webinar

August 13 Webinar

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