DragonFly FAQ

AHSCA | Arkansas High School Coaches Association

  • Q: I am a Coach, how do I receive a AAA Pass? 

A: ADE Endorsed Coaches, and Teacher Coaches MUST join the AHSCA to receive a AAA Pass. Volunteer Coaches can NOT join the AHSCA. Volunteers must fill out this PDF and send to the AAA

  • Q: What are the steps to registering for the AHSCA

A: 1. Administrators must give all coaches a coach type (Ex. ADE Endorsed Coach, Teacher-Coach, Registered Volunteer). 

2. All requirements must be filled out on your coaches "schools & people" page. These must be approved or completed by your administrator. If the eligibility requirement does not apply to that coach, just approve the requirement and say N/A. How to Complete Coaches Eligibility Coach Requirement Cheat Sheet

3.  Complete the the AHSCA Registration 

4. Wait... The AAA staff will check your requirements and put you in the right group so that you are charged the right amount. 

5. Once Approved you will be able to pay your association dues. Do not worry about your AHSCA requirments listed on you AHSCA "Things to do". The AAA staff checks your requirements from your schools page, not the AHSCA. If you are paying individually for your membership (or your school is reimbursing you) you need to complete the payment options. 

Step by step instruction to pay for your membership. 

6. Once Payment is complete you will be able to request a card.


  • Q: Can my school pay for all the coaches at my school. 

A: Yes, Administrators can complete these steps. After completing the form, they can pay one amount with a card, or print the form and mail to the AAA with a check. 

  • Q: Administrator: While filling out my bulk payment form. How do I know if my coach is a lifetime member or not. 

A: Lifetime Members must be active members in the AHSCA or AHSAAA for 25 years or more. If you are unsure about your coach's status please reach out to Julia@ahsaa.org. 

  • Q: I am a retired coach, how do I receive my AAA Pass. 

A: Follow these instructions