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Esports is a High School Sport in Arkansas

The AAA has partnered with PlayVS to bring esports to high schools throughout Arkansas. Esports, or competitive gaming, is the fastest-growing high school sport in the country and, much like traditional sports, requires teamwork, critical thinking and communication to achieve success. However, esports goes ever further to create a barrier-breaking, all-inclusive environment with a strong sense of community. All games are selected based on their competitiveness and strategy, and are rated E for Everyone.


High School and Beyond

Esports opens up a world of possibilities for students. Besides a truly enriching competitive experience, PlayVS provides support for higher education by rewarding championship winners, as well as All-State and All-American, with scholarship money. PlayVS also helps set students up for success should they aspire to continue with esports post-graduation, including playing at the collegiate level, coaching and more.


Complete Esports Solution

All esports teams are coach-led to provide a similar structure to any traditional high school sport. PlayVS helps support both coaches and schools by providing resources, training materials, webinars, workshops and a thriving coach community to take the guesswork out of starting and running a program. And the PlayVS platform makes match day a breeze with seamless publisher integrations, scheduling, robust statistics and live support.


Bring Esports to Your School

Ready to engage with your students’ passions? Click here to visit the official home of Arkansas high school esports to get started.

Connect with a Super Coach

Super Coaches are teachers, administrators, IT professionals and coaches who are current esports coaches! They started right where you are and have created a successful esports program at their own school. Get in touch with a Super Coach if you have any questions about getting started, coaching or just esports in general. They would be happy to answer your questions!

Matthew Possehl - Bentonville West High School

Adam Hand - Pocahontas High School

Beth McKinney - Harmony Grove High School